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About us:

Our research concerns the design, simulation, and creation of complex-engineered systems.

We develop computer-aided engineering and metrology tools to help foster and accelerate advancement in micro and nano technologies to address societal-scale problems.

And we use such tools to innovate. Some areas of interest include: robotics, accuracy and precision, health and longevity, navigation, communication, safety, ecology, education, etc.


  • Jan 2013 - Welcome aboard new postdoc Dr. Xin Xu!
  • Dec 2012 - Grant from Nanosonix to accurately measure AFM stiffness using MEMS
  • Dec 2012 - Papers accepted at the Symposium on Design, Test, Integration, & Packaging of MEMS / MOEMS
  • Oct 2012 - Fengyuan Li received PhD in ME. Accepted position at Knowles Electronics on MEMS Microphones
  • Sep 2012 - Welcome aboard new research assistant Sherhin Sayed!
  • Aug 2012 - R&D Magazine, "Self-Calibrating MEMS Brings Accuracy to Nanotech"
  • May 2012 - Grant from Thornberry Technologies for self-calibrating MEMS gyroscopes 
  • Jan 2012 - 3rd place winner, International NNIN (National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network) Computer-Aided Engineering Contest